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Garden Design and Horticultural Therapy

For Health & Well Being 


Our garden designs provide space for rest and relaxation, offer ways to help us reconnect our senses with nature through planting design and landscaping and open up new opportunities for positive personal development and engagement.

Re-gaining control of our emotions and attending to the natural world reduces stress and elevates mood as well as building physical strength in the comfort of our own homes. 


With a background in garden design, occupational therapy and horticultural therapy, Bev McAlpine brings a different perspective to designing and participating in gardens.

Horticultural Therapy for Health & Well Being

Horticultural therapy is the process of using plants and gardens to improve mental and physical health. We offer one to one sessions for:

  • Social stimulation 

  • Nature Deficit Disorder 

  • PTSD 

  • Play and Development 

  • Ageing and Well Being 

  • Mental Health and Well Being 

  • Physical Disability 

  • Education 

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Garden Services

Garden services we offer include:

  • General Conceptual Design 

  • Restorative Gardens for Mental Health and Nature Deficit Disorder 

  • Sensory Gardens  

  • Rehabilitative Gardens for Children and Adults 

  • Educational and Play Gardens  

  • Memorial Gardens for Peace and Tranquility 

  • Quiet  Gardens 

  • Gardens for the Elderly 

  • Community and Urban Design 

  • Maintenance and planting 

  • Ordering , collecting and delivering plants