Garden Design For Health & Well Being 

Garden Design Services

Designing a garden to suit your tastes , life style and budget is very exciting and new developments in sustainable gardening materials from plants to hard landscaping  will help protect the planet  and give you a great space to relax and enjoy .

We can provide conceptual drawings , master plans and planting plans to suit the brief .

bev mcalpine - sensory planting .jpg
Planting Plan by Green Sense

Restorative Gardens For Mental Health

When there is balance between our daily lives and our coping mechanisms we remain healthy and positive .

Designing gardens that are restorative  for our emotions can help redress an imbalance by offering our clients a space to restore attention, gain control, improve physical activity and reduce stress . Collaborative team work with other professionals involved with the client is welcomed .

bev mcalpine - planting plan
restorative gardens for mental health.

Sensory Gardens

bev mcalpine - a sensory garden .png
sensory gardens by Green Sense UK

Design specific, these gardens are for adults and children who may lack sensory stimulus or have difficulty processing sensory input . These gardens include objects , plants and landscaping materials that focus on vision , touch, scent, taste and hearing.

Indoor & Outdoor Gardens for the Elderly

bev mcalpine - indoor gardens .jpg
bev mcalpine - gardening at home .jpg

Gardens which engage the older person in the present moment offer mental stimulus , engage the senses and provide scope for improving mobility , balance and overall strengthening . Helping minds to stay positive in later life through gardening activities is a joyful experience

Bespoke Design

bespoke garden design by Green Sense, UK

These gardens are designed ergonomically so that clients are efficient and comfortable while working in the garden .

Rehabilitive Gardens For Children and Adults

bev mcalpine - a hospice garden .png

Physical disability and accessibility into a garden requires specific design considerations  of heights, materials , aids and equipment .  Once created the garden will offer opportunities for activity and fitness and general overall health and well being 

Education and Play Gardens for Nature Deficit Disorder

Garden Design In Education 3.jpg
garden design in education 1.jpg
Garden Design In Education 2.jpg

Learning about plants , growing vegetables and caring for nature are all essential parts of play . Connection to nature is an essential early learning device for the development of cognitive and physical development . Encouraging children to understand  the growing process helps them learn about science , culture, physical work , teamwork , relationships and more than anything recognising feelings of heightened self esteem and self awareness 

‘ A garden teaches patience and careful watchfulness ...above all it teaches trust ‘  Gertrude Jekyll 

education and play gardens by Green Sens
bev mcalpine - ieducation and play natur

Quiet Gardens

A place to be quiet is a design feature in most gardens . Down a small path , round a corner , behind a tree - we seek out quiet spaces to reflect . Wind chimes , acoustic screens , specific water features and landscaping  design will help drown out noises and reduce stress and help restore attention .

quiet garden.jpg