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For Health & Well being 

Horticultural Therapy For Health & Well Being

When we engage with nature we are engaging in an affinity with the natural world that is innate to us as human beings . The Natural world  places very few demands on us and we are free to engage with it, in our own personal way .

Horticultural Therapy supports clients within this natural world to open their minds and hearts to the healing powers of the garden. Plants and natural settings are the medium through which we can address psychological and physical distress, where we can focus our attention.

 Attention Restoration Theory (ART)  Kaplan 1989,  suggests that mental stress affects our focus and attention resulting in fatigue . Nature has the capacity to renew attention and concentration , help restore our mental capacity, interest and fascination and help us reflect and restore ourselves .

Person centred sessions at home 


Guided by the garden and the season  each session will have specific aims and objectives . Facilitated by the Therapist there will be time to learn and share thoughts, feelings and ideas about the garden and themselves. Sessions prescribed at home will be designed specifically for the clients needs and carried out at a time suitable to the client . 




Designing and developing a program on a consultancy basis is also available for anyone who thinks that someone  they know would benefit from Horticultural Therapy and would like guidance on plants , activities and processes .


"Showing up on a Monday morning , helped me start my week off with a commitment . It helped improve my motivation and focus my energy on something else and I cherished taking part in planting new vegetables and sewing seeds "



Social stimulation 

Nature Deficit Disorder 


Play and Development 

Ageing and Well Being 

Mental Health and Well Being 

Physical Disability 


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Planting seeds and caring for them is a natural stress reliever . It teaches us to be aware, responsive and thoughtful.

" After a period of postnatal depression,I started horticultural therapy . I had no idea what to expect . We learned about plants and nature and being with others was enjoyable - the group became the highlight of my week ! I have no doubt Horticultural Therapy played a a big part in my recovery .I would recommend it to anyone struggling "

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